Singapore’s First Truly
“Neighbourhood Bistro & Bar”
Serving British Foods and
Beverages at Amazingly Competitive Prices.

Your Neighbourhood

Your Bistro & Bar


About Pig N Whistle

Pig N Whistle Bistro & Bar is your local British Pub, where the drinks and food are the best in East Singapore.

Enjoy our amazing foods, from home made pies, fish and chips, bangers and mash, full English breakfast and more. All fresh ingredients, and nothing microwaved (we don’t believe in Microwaves). Our meats are all butchered to order and our bacon and sausages to our non nitrite recipes.

All of our walls are “Blackboard Paint” and we encourage everyone to leave messages for their friends or loved ones, or draw a picture. Every month we will be giving away prizes to the best chalk artist drawings, so give it a try, don’t wait, space is limited.

Your Neighbourhood
Your Bistro & Bar


Signature Dishes (√)


Egg on Toast.  Poached or Fried.  $4.90

(√) Breakfast Donut.  Braided breakfast donut.  $6.90

(√) Rosti, Egg N Pig.  Potato rosti with 1 egg and choice of bacon or sausage $7.90

Sausage, Egg N Hash Browns. Cumberland sausage, egg N hash brown with toasted cabbala bread  $9.90

Egg N Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.  Egg N bacon in a cabbala bread. $9.90

(√) Corned Beef Hash.  Corned beef, potato, onion, 2 sunny side up eggs N ciabatta bread.  $12.90

Little Pig.  1 Egg, 1 Bacon, 1 secret recipe Cumberland sausage, Mushrooms, Hash-brown, Beans N Toast.  $13.90

(√) Big Pig.  2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, 2 secret recipe Cumberland sausages, mushrooms, hash-browns, Beans N Toast.  $17.90


Herb N Garlic Bread Toasted       $4.90

Fries    $5.90

Onion Rings.  White onion covered in crispy batter N served with chilli sauce.  $5.90

Chicken Karage Crispy Japanese style chicken pieces     $7.90

Chicken Drumlettes Spicy and crispy chicken drumlette     $7.90

(√) Chicken Wings Hand butterflied chicken wings, grilled to order     $7.90

Fish Skin Fried until crispy with salt & paprika     $7.90

(√) Cottage Pie Succulent and flavoursome beef with creamy mashed potato and melted cheddar & parmesan cheeses. $9.90


Pig-less Salad.   Lettuce, capsicum, tomato, onion, cucumber, egg N choice of dressing.  $9.90

Salad Adds (per item/portion)               $1.00

Egg – Tomato – Olives – Croutons

Salad Adds (per item/portion)              $2.00

Cumberland sausage – Bacon – Chicken Karaage – Mushrooms

Fresh Made Pasta

Aglio Olio Vegetarian.  Fresh made spaghetti, olive oil, garlic capsicum, cherry tomato N parmesan.  $12.90

Meat Ball.  Fresh made spaghetti, olive oil, garlic, house made meat balls N parmesan.  $14.90

Pasta Adds (per item/portion)             $1.00

Egg – Tomato – Olives – Chillies – Capsicum

Pasta Adds (per item/portion)             $2.00

Cumberland Sausage – Bacon – Chicken Karaage – Mushrooms

Pasta Adds (per item/portion)              $3.00

Meat Balls (2)

Sandwiches & Burgers

PLT (Pig, Lettuce N Tomato).  Bacon, lettuce N tomato in ciabatta bread. Served with fries.  $9.90

(√) Sausage Burger.  Secret recipe Cumberland sausage sliced in half with bacon, lettuce, cheese N fried egg.  $12.90

Chicken Burger.  Crispy fried battered chicken, onion, lettuce and tomato N our special sauce in a bun. Served with fries.  $14.90

(√) Beef Burger with Cheddar.  Hand made juicy beef patty, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese N our special sauce in a bun.Served with fries. $16.90

(√) Egg, Pig N Cheddar Burger.   Hand made juicy beef patty, egg, streaky bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese N our special sauce in a bun.Served with fries.  $17.90

Burger Adds (per item/portion)              $1.00

Egg – Tomato – Jalapeno

Burger Adds (per item/portion)              $2.00

Cumberland Sausage – Bacon – Mushrooms


(√) Chicken N Mushroom Pie.  Roasted chicken with medley of mushrooms in a cream sauce N flakey pasty top. Served with French fries.  $12.90

(√) Whistling Lasagne.  Our special house made bolognese sauce, pasta sheets N blended cheeses.Served with summer side salad.  $13.90

(√) Steak N Ale Pie.  Slow roasted beef in ale with vegetables N flakey pastry top. Served with French fries.  $13.90

Chicken Curry.  Freshly made chicken curry, using fresh spices, blended by our chef, for a spectacular aroma and flavour.Served with ciabatta bread. $15.90

Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy.  Secret recipe Cumberland sausages using free range pork N a selection of spices, fresh made creamed potato mash (real potatoes) with sautéed onions N British gravy.  $15.90

(√) Beer Battered Fish & Chips.   Wholesome Pacific Dory battered in our own “Monty Python Holy Grail” ale N fried to a golden colour N crispy.Served with tartare sauce N malt vinegar.  $15.90

(√) Pig Chop Bone In.   Free range pigs that have 10,000 acres to roam with fresh mashed potato, grilled fresh vegetables N British gravy.  $18.90

Thin Crust or Normal Crust Pizza 10” – Your Choice

Margherita    Tomato base with sliced tomato N blended cheeses  $12.90

(√) Hawaiian Pig   Tomato base with pineapple, bacon N blended cheeses. $14.90

PLT (Pig, Lettuce N Tomato)  Tomato base with bacon, lettuce, tomato N blended cheeses.$14.90

Ham N Cheese   Tomato base with Virginia ham N blended cheeses.  $14.90

Mushroom N Bacon   Tomato base with mushrooms, N blended cheeses.  $14.90

(√) Pepperoni Pig   Tomato base with pepperoni slices N blended cheeses. $16.90

(√) Sicilian.  Tomato base with mushroom, onion, red N green capsicum, red N green chillies, sun dried tomatoes N blended cheeses.  $16.90

Pesto Karaage Chicken.  Pesto base with chicken karaage N mozzarella cheese.  $16.90

Big Pig Breakfast Pizza.   Tomato base with secret recipe Cumberland sausage, bacon, mushrooms, egg N blended cheeses.  $17.90

(√) Three Little Pigs.  Tomato base with pepperoni, Cumberland sausage pieces, ground pork, jalapeño N blended cheeses.  $18.90

Pizza Adds (per item/portion).

Egg – Tomato – Olives – Chillies – Capsicum – Jalapeno. $1.00

Pizza Adds (per item/portion)            

Cumberland Sausage – Bacon – Chicken Karaage – Mushrooms.  $2.00

Pizza Base Sauce Options Free

Tomato – Pesto – Teriyaki – Olive Oil – Ranch

Craft Beer & Cider “On Tap”


Hogstar English Craft Lager $10.00

Monty Python Holy Grail. $10.00

Yorkshire Gold. $10.00

My Generation Pale Ale $10.00

Sheppy’s  Old Conky Apple Cider $10.00

SnakeBite (half cider and half lager) $10.00

Craft Beers Bottle


Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager (4.5%) $7.00

Bucket of 5 bottles $30.00

Royal Jamaican Ginger Ale (4.4%) $8.00

Bucket of 5 bottles $35.00


Fullers Honey Dew (5.0%) $10.00

Shepherd Neame Spitfire Ale (4.5%) $11.00

Shepherd Neame Double Stout (5.1%) $12.00

Fullers London Pride (4.7%) $12.00

Oakham Green Devil IPA (6.0%) $13.00

Shepherd Neame IPA (6.1%) $13.00

Hobgoblin IPA (5.3%) $13.00

Marston Old Empire IPA (5.7%) $13.00

Fullers IPA (5.3%) $13.00

Fullers London Porter (5.4%) $13.00

Common Beers Bottle


Heineken (5.0%) $7.00

Bucket of 5 bottles $30.00

Real & Traditional Bottle Ciders


Thatchers Gold Cider  (4.8%) $12.00

Sheppy’s Elderflower Cider (4.0%) $12.00

Sheppy’s Cloudy Cider (4.5%) $12.00

Sheppy’s Classic Cider (5.5%) $12.00

Sheppy’s Vintage Cider (7.4%) $13.00

Western’s Perry (7.4%) $13.00

Western’s Vintage (8.2%) $13.00


Glass $9.00 – Bottle $42.00

House White (150ml glass)

House Red    (150ml glass)

Bottle Only

Sole Chardonnay Italy $60.00

Rosso Venito Italy $60.00

Sartori L’Appassioni Rosso Italy $65.00



Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00


Single Shot $  10.00 – Double Shot $15.00

Bombay Saphire

Tanqueray 10

Single Shot $  12.00 – Double Shot $18.00

No 6 Spiced Gin


Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00

Absolute Blue

Single Shot $  12.00 – Double Shot $18.00



Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00

Black Label (Scotland)

The Irishman (Ireland)

Single Shot $  10.00 – Double Shot $15.00

Chivas 12 Yr (Scotland)

Haig Club Special Edition (Scotland)

Single Shot $  14.00 – Double Shot $21.00

Monkey Shoulder (Scotland)

Chivas 18 Yr (Scotland)

Single Shot $  16.00 – Double Shot $24.00

Oban 14 Yr (Scotland)

Spey Single Malt 12 Yr (Scotland)


Black Label – $128

The Irishman – $128

Chivas 12 Yr – $138

Chivas 18 Yr – $205

Blue Label – $360


Single Shot $  10.00 – Double Shot $15.00

Jack Daniels

Jim Beam


Jack Daniels – $128



Remy – $128

Cordon Bleu – $350


Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00


Single Shot $  10.00 – Double Shot $15.00

Captain Morgan Spiced


Single Shot $  7.00 – Double Shot $10.00

Dry Vermouth (Martini)

Bianco Vermouth (Martini)

Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00



Single Shot $  8.00 – Double Shot $12.00

Southern Comfort

Jose Cuervo Tequilla




Single Shot $  10.00 – Double Shot $15.00




Shot $  10.00


Jager Bomb

Tequila Bomb

Black Russian

Baby Stout


Slippery Nipple

Glass $  15.00


Long Island Iced Tea

Soft Drinks

Soda Water – $3.00

Tonic Water – $4.00

Coke – $4.00

Sprite – $4.00

English Breakfast Tea – $4.00

Earl Grey Tea – $4.00

Coffee (French Press) – $5.00